Blue Ridge CrossFit Referral Program

Your referrals are the ultimate indication that you enjoy Blue Ridge CrossFit and love your fitness experience. As you already know, we invest 100% of our time and energy in delivering superior service, value and results.  We know you are excited to share this experience with your friends, family and co-workers.  We want to say "thank you" in the form of a one time $25 credit toward your monthly dues when a referred new client purchases a monthly membership or punch card.  This is just one way that Blue Ridge CrossFit wants to give back to you for the trust you put in us!

Blue Ridge CrossFit Corporate Program

Blue Ridge CrossFit is pleased to announce their corporate program.

American businesses have growing concerns over their employee's health and wellness.  We understand fully that the wellness of your employees and your company are greatly intertwined.  An investment in your employees' health through supporting fitness and improved nutrition will benefit all.

How will your business benefit?

• improved productivity
• increased profitability
• less absenteeism
• improved morale
• reduced safety risks
• less healthcare costs

How will the employee benefit?

• improved physical strength
• increased stamina
• general well-being and focus at work
• increased job satisfaction
• improved relations with co-workers and supervisors

As a fellow business owner, Blue Ridge CrossFit wants to help you achieve these goals.  Why not initiate an employee incentive program and sponsor a fitness membership at Blue Ridge CrossFit? This may be just enough to encourage your employees to take that extra step towards getting healthy, for good.  Such a small financial investment in your team will more than pay for itself.

Blue Ridge CrossFit can customize a program for you.  By finding designated days and times unique for your group; we will foster consistency, camaraderie and teamwork.  Increase your bottom line and help set your employees on the road to wellness.

Please contact Eddie White, owner and trainer of Blue Ridge CrossFit, to start customizing your employee wellness program today!