Getting Started

Getting Started is Easy!

Foundations classes - (Thur 7 - 8 am)

At Blue Ridge CrossFit we make it easy to get started. We don't have a two to four week on-ramp period because our coaches are going to scale and modify your workouts when you are in a regular class anyway. We also incorporate skill and strength conditioning into every week of training so your progression with CrossFit modalities is always being coached. The ability to teach you everything you need to know for CrossFit is a longer progression then three classes or four weeks of training we promise. We have found most people are energized to get going, and four weeks of instruction before you can start getting you into the regular group is not nesessary with our staff. We want you to start to get results with us as soon as possible.

We know it was sometimes a big first step to get you in the door, so lets get on with it and have you experience the real thing. Your training, conditioning and mastery of movements and lifts will take time and we have additional programs and seminars to address advanced movements as you become ready for them. We coach and mentor you through every class. We don't give you two to four weeks of Foundation and then just cut you loose in the regualr classes to figure things out on your own. We coach and train in every class and every WOD you experience. You will continuously learn from us and be challenged by the workouts.


2 Common Foundtion Questions:

Will I get a workout? - The foundation classes are CrossFit, you will be run through conditioning everyday and learning the movements as well as giving the coach an opportunity to take inventory on your strength, oxidative pathways and knowledge base
Why do you have a foundations program? - All our athletes begin with foundations for several reasons. First, foundations is designed to maintain the integrity and safety of the Blue Ridge CrossFit program. To educate our athletes and set them up for success. To ensure we are placing athletes with fundamental knowledge into our program with the experienced athletes which eliminate vulnerability to injury and uphold the standard of excellence we drive. This is also the time where we get to know a little about you and your goals, background, strengths, limitations etc. Lastly you also have the opportunity to learn our methodology, programming variables and our expectations and standards of our athletes.


Testing Out of Foundations:

If you have already done CF before or feel you have the understanding of the movement progressions already you can test out of foundations. Athletes must possess basic understanding of the elements and demonstrate proficiency in movement standards. The movements we will be analyzing are as follows:


Olympic lifts-Clean and Jerk, Snatch


Power lifting-Overhead squat, Deadlift


Kettlebell-Russian 2 handed swing, American swing


Gymnastics-Hollow body, Kip Swing, Pull up, Double under


Monostructural-Row/Run form


*(During the test out the coach will take inventory of athletes strength threshold and cardio respiratory capacity-Let us know if you have any injuries, limitations or if there is anything specific you would like your coach to know ahead of time)

Ready To Work ?

What makes Blue Ridge CrossFit different from a globo gym you ask; well you just need to come see for yourself. The commitment of the coaching staff to your safety and well being through every WOD is what we pride ourselves in. The energy and friendship you will gain from the community is the glue that keeps you coming in regularly to work your butt off with us. The best part about Crossfit is getting the fitness and health results you have always want and for most people being in the best shape of their lives.


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**Foundation classes are conducted every Tue, Thur from 7-8 am and we can also accommodate one on one foundation instruction or private coaching sessions to reinforce any of the skills coached in foundations.

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